Getting Your Home Ready Before Your Roof Contractor Arrives

Whether it’s for a small repair or for a complete roof replacement there are some things you can do to help make sure the job goes as smooth as possible. Accidents can and do happen to the best roof contractors, preparing your home before the contractors come can go along way in preventing any incidents.


Protect Your Yard

Roofers have a tendency to just toss old things like your shingles off the roof of the house they are working on. Most take the time to protect plants nearby such as shrubs and gardens by covering them with a tarp. If your roofer (or any other contractor) does not do this themselves, take care of it yourself to ensure there isn’t damage.

Prepare Your Home

Roof work can be loud and with workers walking all over your roof, many times with equipment, vibrations from the work can affect things inside. When having any major work done, go ahead a pull any hanging pictures or fragile decorations away from areas where they can fall or otherwise be damaged from vibrations or shaking from the work.

Keep Your Children & Pets Safe

Work areas during even small roof repairs can be dangerous, especially for children. With stuff falling off the roof including nails and sharp metal, keeping children completely away from the work area is best.

Even running around the yard during a roof project can be dangerous as materials such as nails are often dropped. Wait until after the job is done and the area is cleaned before allowing pets or children near the area.


Being ready for when the roof contractor comes to fix your roof can help avoid many headaches. Help your roof contractor by doing your part and preparing your home before they arrive!

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