Get To Know Your Roof: The Basics

So we all know what a “roof” (rhyming with spoof or stuff depending on where you are from) is. We know basically what it does (protects our homes and offices) and the importance of keeping it in shape and well maintained. But what makes a roof a roof?

A “roof” (from the Old English word “hrof” derived from the Post-Germanic “krhrofaz”) has very specific design elements; the material, construction, and durability.

The material of a roof can be anything from banana leaves or straw to laminated glass or tile or many other types of material including shingles and shakes. Material is important as it is what makes up your roof.

The construction of a roof refers to the method of support and how space beneath it is bridged and whether it is pitched or not. The pitch being the angle the roof rises from its lowest point to its highest point.

The durability of roof is perhaps the greatest concern when building a roof as the roof is often the least accessible part of a building especially when repairing or replacing, and when it gets damaged or worn it can have serious adverse effects.

The roof is arguably the most important part of your home. Knowing more about it can only help when the time comes to repair or replace it. These are the basics, look out for future posts where we go in depth into the various types of roofs, tip, tricks, and advise and go beyond the basics in an effort to educate you, our customers, on what you need to know.

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