Get To Know Your Roof: Starter Strip

Starter Strips are one of the most overlooked parts of a roofing system. Mainly because some contractors use a cut-up strip shingles as the “starter” course on your roof. Depending on the contractor, these shingles may not have properly positioned adhesives to ensure adequate wind resistance.

But what is a Starter Strip? Typically, a starter strip is a row of shingle material that is applied on top of the underlayment and drip edge but beneath the primary shingle layer. This maybe specially designed like GAF Pro-Start or WeatherBlocker or a row of shingles that have had the “tabs” at the bottom trimmed away.

Starter strips serve two purposes: to protect the shingles from wind at the bottom of the roof by being adhered to the eaves and filling up spaces left by the tabs of most shingles so that there is always one or more layers covering the sheathing.

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