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Full Gutters Aren’t Just Unsightly, They’re Damaging!

Gutters aren’t the most interesting part of your home but they are among the most important. Roofs protect your home from the elements by precisely routing water that falls onto it towards your gutter system, whose sole job is to route it all away from any parts of your property susceptible to water damage.

When this carefully orchestrated system is interrupted, the damage can get expensive, quick.

As the final step in your roof system, efficient gutters are just as important as the rest of the roof.

It doesn’t take much, things as small as leaves or even shingle granules clog up gutters quickly, throwing the whole system out of whack! As a result, water ends up pooling in the areas most susceptible to water damage. We’re talking damage to your chimneys, valleys, and even areas like your driveway and foundation!

Over time, this pooled water will destroy just about everything it touches, it’s the reason why roofs and gutters are designed the way they are. Even the best, most expensive roofing system can be brought to it’s knees if the gutters are not maintained frequently.

You don’t have to have a top of the line gutter system to keep your home safe from water but you do need to keep them clean and clear of debris. Between yearly roof maintenance inspections, make sure your roof and gutters are clear of debris all year round. Especially if you are in a heavily wooded area and in seasons like fall where leaves fall more frequently.

Gutter Covers Can Help!

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Nothing roof related is “set it and forget it” but gutter covers can really help if you are dealing with cleaning gutters all of the time or simply don’t want to deal with it as much. Keep in mind, though they help keep the gutters clear, leaves and other debris can clog them too, just not as often. If you’re considering gutter covers be sure you understand how to maintain them as well.

For more information contact your local roof contractor do discuss the options available to you to keep your roof system working at it’s finest!

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