Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Warranties

Poor workmanship signs: Nail Popping Out
Poor workmanship signs: Nail Popping Out

Roof warranties come in all shapes and sizes. Varying from material to material, manufacturer to manufacturer and even roof contractor to roof contractor, knowing your roof’s warranty is extremely important.

Warranties are only as good as their enforcement so be sure you read your warranty, carefully paying special attention to maintenance and records requirements to ensure it stays valid if or when you need it. In the case of a Workmanship Warranty, it’s only as good as the roof contractor (and if they are around to service it), so choose wisely.

Most homeowners aren’t warranty experts and have many questions. Such as:

What Are The Chances My New Roof Will Have A Problem?

Provided you’ve hired a reputable roof contractor and didn’t go the cheapest route possible, the quick answer is quite low to minuscule. Nothing is 100% perfect but should you have a problem, a quality roof contractor should offer warranties to cover just about anything that can go wrong.

Won’t My Roof’s Material Warranty Cover Just About Everything That Can Go Wrong?

NO! A common misconception is that the warranty acts as an insurance policy. It does not. The material warranty covers only the material that was purchased and with very specific caveats. After all, the manufacturer can only make it the best they can and warranty it under the best of conditions. These warranties are very detailed, read yours carefully to ensure you understand it.

In fact, more than 2/3’s of problems with new roofs are due to the roof contractor’s workmanship and not the materials themselves, with most falling outside the material warranty costing homeowners thousands.

So If The Material Warranty Doesn’t Cover Installation or Contractor Mistakes, What Does?

Workmanship Warranties. These aren’t offered by every roof contractor, so if your chosen roof contractor doesn’t offer one, you really should reconsider your choice. Workmanship problems without a clear workmanship warranty will likely lead to you paying for repairs out of your own pocket!

When looking into warranties be sure you get both a material warranty that covers manufacturing defects AND a workmanship warranty that covers installation and other workmanship errors. Don’t settle for anything less.

Atlanta Roofing Specialists proudly offers quality GAF materials which are covered by their warranty as well as offering our own 10-year Workmanship warranty with every roof!

For more information on GAF’s warranties visit their warranty information page here.

For questions or more information on either material or workmanship warranties, or to schedule your free estimate contact Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 today!

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