Five Common Roof Problems (& How To Solve Them!)

Obvious or unforeseen, roof problems are always an inconvenience and many times a significant expense. Today we reveal five roof problems that are common to most homeowners and the conditions that can either cause or be the result of premature failure of your roof. Having your roof regularly inspected and maintained will help prevent or avoid most of these problems but at some point even the most well maintained roofs can leak and begin to fail due to age and/or environment, have your roof inspected regularly to ensure these problems don’t grow into major headaches!

1) Roof leaks and moisture

No matter what type of roof you have, if your roof leaks, you obviously have a problem. Leaks occur for a variety of reasons. Built-up roofs, for example, may experience leaks due to flashing details that were not fastened properly during installation. The fact is, 95% of built-up roof system leaks occur at the flashing details or anywhere the roof membrane itself is interrupted or terminated. Leaks can also result when single-ply membrane roofs are installed with poor seams. Seams must be heat-welded or glued properly. In addition, decaying shingles, perforations, storm damage, and improper ventilation can also cause leaks. Leaks can be tricky to diagnose and oftentimes it’s best to have a professional look at it. If not taken care of promptly, leaks can cause major damage not only to your roof but the structure of your home as well.

Moisture build up is almost always a problem with ventilation. Proper air flow in important for every roof system. A build up of moisture can indicate a blockage or preforation preventing proper ventilation from functioning. Any sign of moisture build-up should be addressed immediately.

2) Lack of maintenance

Neglecting one’s roof occurs for a variety of reasons, from financial difficulties to business continuity. Oftentimes, this is to the detriment of the home/building owner as catching problems early can prevent their escalation. Too often small problems go unnoticed for months or even years resulting in disastrous results, many times requiring extensive repairs and/or complete replacement. Many of these problems have one thing in common, they started small. With no one to notice. they grew larger and more expensive.

Although lack of maintenance is a prevalent problem, it is the most preventable one! With free estimates offered by roofing contractors such as Atlanta Roofing Specialists, there is no reason not to set up a regular maintenance plan and save yourself the headache of preventable problems! Aside from the peace of mind, professional maintenance is required by most insurance and warranties!

3) Pooling/Ponding water

Keeping water off a roof is a critical part of keeping your roof happy and healthy! During the design phase, calculating the correct slope is imperative to prevent pooling of water on any part of a roof. If the calculations are off, water can pool and sit for days soaking into your roof and damaging it. UV rays are compounded by pooled water can have adverse effects on a roof, damaging it further and can void the warranty. This happens when corners are cut during roof construction or through simple ignorance or negligence, in any case it is repairable and if found should be corrected immediately.

Other, more common reasons water can pool are from lack of maintenance (clogged gutters, debris on the roof) or from damage caused by an outside source. Finding pooled water on your roof early is imperative in preventing further damage. Regular inspection of one’s roof can identify potential pooled/ponded water situations and save you tons of money in unnecessary repairs, if caught early.

4) Improper repairs

Those guys that stop buy in their little trucks offering incredible deals to repair or replace your roof sounds great at first, until you experience the problems resulting from cheap services. Using materials not intended for application on specific roof types can cause permanent damage to a roof. You can actually make a small problem worse though improper repair. Following the manufacturers instructions for proper use and taking note of products with a shelf life can go a long way in ensuring your investment is protected. Do your homework, you can find out everything you need on a company by checking the internet, there really isn’t any reason you can’t hire someone to do the job right. Remember if it sounds too good to be true oftentimes it is.

5) Poor installation and unsatisfactory workmanship

Fly-by-night and other cheap roofers and unscrupulous roofing companies can charge much less than legitimate companies by using sub-par and other materials never meant to be used on a roof. A faulty installation dramatically increases the likelihood of problems and reduces it’s life expectancy. Poor workmanship isn’t always evident when the job is completed, but becomes obvious as the years go by as problems occur and the life of the roof is substantially reduced.

Educating yourself and researching the roofers or roofing company you use is your best weapon against being a victim of poor workmanship.

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