Don’t Get Ripped Off By Roofing Scams, Do Your Homework!

bestpickribbonThe most frequent complaints to the Better Business Bureau and other consumer agencies are about roofing. Many of these reports indicate more outright roofing scams than poor workmanship or bad service from legitimate roof contractors as legitimate roofers don’t let mistakes get to the point where the customers need to contact a third party for help.

Their tactics are quite tricky and with just a bit of effort many appear legitimate with websites and professional looking trucks. This is why it is important to know the essential qualities to look for when it is time to repair or replace your roof so that you can avoid these scams.

Here are 5 things to look out for when hiring a roofing contractor.

1. Does the roofer have references or online reviews?

An established, reliable, roofing company will frequently ask customers to provide a reference or review after a job is complete. These references and reviews, build up over time, providing valuable insight into a company’s work ethic and quality of service.
Review a decent number of references (at least 8-10) and third-party reviews online (such as Best Pick Reports, Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, and others), roofing contractors who have been in business for a while should have these readily available. Contact two or three randomly to inquire about the contractors work. This is a sensible way to help you get a better picture of the company you are considering hiring.

2. Is the roofer bonded and insured?

Too many times, people will assume the roofer they are hiring is covered under insurance and their employees are bonded without actually checking to see if this is true. What happens if the roofer isn’t covered and an accident happens, who is responsible? The short answer is YOU. Should the roofer not carry insurance, this can prove quite costly to the homeowner.
A legitimate roofer will have no problem producing the necessary paperwork to prove that they have the necessary coverage and that the coverage is up to date. If for any reason this cannot be produced, look elsewhere, it is common for reputable companies to carry insurance, if they don’t or can’t produce the paperwork, something is fishy and you have to ask yourself “Is it worth the risk?”.

3. Does the roofer offer a warranty?

Defective roofing materials or craftsmanship isn’t apparent immediately after the job is complete.It could be a year or longer before problems related to the materials or quality of the work can show up.
Look for roofers who not only have been in business long enough to execute a warranty but one that offers both materials and workmanship warranties. At minimum, accept the one who offer multi-year warranties, if possible, but at minimum a one year warranty should be available.

4. Does the roofer have the necessary permits?

You can’t simply hire a roofer and they begin work immediately. In most cases, a permit is required by local governments to show that the contractor has the right to work on your roof. The roofer should obtain all the permits (at substantial cost) and pay for the permits themselves. This should also include the removal of old roofing materials.

5. Does the roofer have a permanent place of business?

The fly-by-night roofers that descend upon homeowners after storms or other events rarely have an office or other location that shows their intention of being in business for years to come. Your roofing contractor should be able to produce a verifiable physical address as well as a land-line phone number, preferably local. Anything less and you will not have the piece of mind knowing they will be around to honor warranties should a problem occur.

You can never be too careful when hiring a roof contractor. Check out your roof contractor and protect yourself and your money!


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