Do You Really Need A Roofing Contractor?

Somebody tried to fix the nail holes in this flashing by applying way too much caulk. This is all wrong.
Many homeowners like to do things themselves. From remodeling to plumbing, the satisfaction of knowing you did a job yourself can be extremely rewarding, especially when you really didn’t know what you were doing but the work came out right anyhow. The pros of inspecting a roof yourself seem to be obvious. It’s free, you do it when you want and there’s plenty of information on the internet to give you some help in what to look for. You may even feel you can save yourself some money by patching up some areas rather than fixing them. But when it comes to your roof, having the motivation and desire is not enough. Knowledge and experience is what can make or break your roof.

Many people like to do things themselves, even when there are professional options that cost the same but there can be problems with having a non-professional handle something as complicated as a roofing system. Mainly, lack of expertise may be an issue. Sure you can find step by step guides and even pictures of what to look for, but every roof is different and unless you have days, weeks, or even months of time to kill, it is impossible to find answers to every situation that may arise. It takes expertise to watch for obvious things like tears, holes, and punctures in flashing, or flashings that are opening up at the top and slipping, rusted components, or debris that’s building on the roof. It is the little things that are obvious to experts but not so much to laymen that end up being looked over and becoming major problems.

Roofing isn’t something that most people can “just figure out”, it requires knowledge and expertise. If you are “DIY’er” (Do-It-Yourselfer), and are familiar with doing small repairs it is still important to have a professional help you with the initial inspection to determine if doing it yourself is a viable option, after all, your roof is arguably your most important investment, if it goes south, everything inside your home is at risk and there are few things worse than finding out a repair costing thousands could have been avoided if the problem was caught early.

Sometimes, doing it yourself, cheaply, will cost you more later on then what you save now.

Fortunately, Atlanta Roofing Specialists offers a Free Initial Roof Inspection with a Free Estimate to help you make your decision. We will thoroughly inspect your roof and provide you with all the answers you need to get your roof done right. Let ARS inspect your roofing investment and tell you exactly what needs to be done and the best way to get it done.

What do you have to lose?

Call us today @ 770-419-2222, email us, or chat Live (when available) and let ARS do the work for you!

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