Common Roof Problems (And What You Can Do About Them!)

Roof problems, especially the unexpected sort, are always stressful and rarely inexpensive. Many times when the problem becomes obvious, it is usually due to an earlier, smaller, unknown or overlooked problem that was left untreated. While damages from storms or other obvious causes are stressful enough, it’s the problems that wouldn’t have occurred or would have been much less expensive if caught earlier that are especially aggravating.

Catching problems early on can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. Roofs are going to have issues and without proper, routine maintenance and inspections they can and often do become catastrophic.

The following are some of the more common problems:


The most common problem with roofs is leaks. Leaks, can indicate a larger problem or cause a whole lot of damage all on their own. If you have even the smallest leak, you have a problem. Leaks can be caused by a variety of problems from improper installation to direct damage from an outside source. Regardless of the cause, finding the source of the leak and repairing it is imperative. If you notice any evidence of leaks, get a thourough inspection from your roofing contractor as soon as possible, it could mean the difference in a small repair or complete roof replacement!

Poor Installation/Shoddy Workmanship/Cheap Materials

Roofing contractors can be expensive and more often than not, roofing issues are unexpected. This can cause people to shop for the cheapest solution they can find. Big mistake! If there is any industry where the old adage “You get what you pay for” holds true, it is the roofing industry. Cheaper usually isn’t better when it comes to your roof. Many of the costs contractors bear are similar across the industry, when you receive a quote that is significantly lower than most of the other quotes you have, that should throw a red flag up. The only way these guys can mark their prices so low is to hire cheap, inexperienced labor and/or use cheap materials or even omit costs such as insurance & permits by disregarding these altogether. Any of these cuts can and likely will have detrimental effects on your roof. It’s easy to be conned by these guys, but if you do your research and thoroughly check into your contractor before signing anything (Do Your Homework!), you can avoid getting ripped off and saving yourself years of heartache and money.

Lack of Maintenance

Many common problems with roofs would have never occurred had proper maintenance been performed. There are many reasons why people let this slip. Some think that because the roof looks ok to them and there aren’t any obvious problems that they are actually saving money by not having a professional maintain their roof. This is simply not true, lack of maintenance can cause several problems, like possibly voiding warranty or insurance claims. Most policies require homeowners to perform regular routine maintenance to continue to provide coverage. It’s is never too late to get caught up on maintenance. Calling Atlanta Roofing Specialists and having us put together a maintenance plan for you will ensure your roof stays happy and healthy for years to come and having the peace of mind that you are fulfilling your warranty and insurance obligations so if the unspeakable occurs, you know kept up your end of the bargain.

These are some of the more common problems you can have with your roof, in future posts we will expand on possible problems and what you can do to avoid them. For more information on what to look out for see our educational page “Do I Need A New Roof?”.

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