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How Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Roof & More

Trees in Autumn can be absolutely stunning, especially in heavily forested areas like North Georgia. The spectacle is brief, however, as the formerly brightly colored leaves turn brown and fall off their branches, preparing the trees for the upcoming winter slumber and leaving behind a big mess.

Fallen leaves aren’t that big of deal for the most part, as long as you have a decent rake or leaf blower to clean them off your property, but if they have a tendency to fall ON your roof, and you don’t clear it promptly, there’s going to be problems.

Your roof is carefully designed, along with your gutter system, to specifically route water away from areas of your home that it will damage. ANY blockage along the designed route, whether it’s a few sticks on the roof or clogged gutters, and the whole system breaks down.

Like a road system, even areas that slow the flow and not block the route completely can cause a devastating backup causing water to back up into areas water is never meant to be. The longer the water sits in these areas, the more damage is done.

What Causes Clogged Gutters?

In Autumn, mainly leaves from trees, but the rest of the year, any debris that accumulates on your roof can be a problem. Loose granules from older or cheap shingles can build up quickly in gutters, rocks, twigs, even small animals can get trapped, slowing or preventing water from getting through. Even if you don’t have trees around your home, there are things that can clog your gutters and cause you problems.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Clogged gutters can cause severe damage, from your roof all the way down to your foundation and even around your home such as the driveway and landscaping around your home. Anywhere that water is routed away from when gutters function correctly is at risk when they don’t. The damage can be extensive, even requiring a new roof or foundation.

How Do I Prevent Damage From Clogged Gutters?

Simple! Keep them and your roof clean and clear of debris, all the time. If this means you have to hire someone every few months to check or do it, then that’s what you need to do. If you can do it yourself, even better! Whatever it takes, keeping your roof and gutters clean can and will save you a ton of money and headaches.

Gutter Covers

Don’t want to keep up with the hassle of keeping your gutters clean? Gutter covers are an excellent way of reducing maintenance requirements while helping to keep your house investment intact. While not all gutter covers are immune to clogging themselves and should be checked periodically on their own, for the most part, the best gutter covers will virtually eliminate the need for constant vigilance in keeping your gutters clean.

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