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Choosing The Color Of Your New Shingle Roof

Today’s shingles come in a wide variety of colors and materials to match even the most custom homes. With the vast array of choices available, choosing that perfect look can be a daunting task. Back in the day it was easy, gray or black were the only options. Now they range from bright white to red and almost every color of the rainbow in between.

Although the material the shingle is made out of (asphalt, wood, etc) is an important part of choosing the right one for your home, for the purposes of this article, we will assume you know what type of shingle you are getting and are at the point of choosing a color scheme to match your homes design.

Fortunately, most homes are built with similar base materials and as such matching colors to these materials isn’t a hard as it sounds, especially if you have samples to compare your options on-site.

Brick Exteriors

brick house light roof

Brick homes usually bring to mind the traditional red bricks common to many houses in the South but they certainly aren’t the only color. Taking into consideration the color of your bricks or the color they are painted when choosing shingles can narrow down the choices to be made.

One example would be choosing a light color to compliment a traditional red brick home. A light tan (or even gray) that matches the grout (the material between the bricks) can make an otherwise “regular” brick home, stunning. A light brick home (such as Blonde Bricks) would look great paired with dark brown or dark gray shingles. If it’s really light (such as pained white), darker colors such as dark gray or even multicolored shingles would look fantastic! If possible, bring sample shingles to the house and compare them so you know how it will look.

Siding Homes

Siding Home Dark Roof

Siding comes in a large variety of colors, pretty much any color you want. This makes choosing the right shingle a bit more challenging. Depending on the color of your siding the color of the shingle can either compliment or clash with it. Having sample shingles on hand to compare on site can help make this decision much easier. With siding, the option for shingles expand with choices including variegated colors, solids and even metallic tones with antique finishes.

Other Homes

If your home is neither brick nor siding (such as stucco or plaster), the basic rule of thumb is to take into consideration the color of your home and choose a complimentary shingle to achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Some homes have many choices while others (such as Stucco) will be limited. Also being consistent with the over all design can help make things easier.

Whatever shingle you choose, choose the highest quality material you can afford and familiarize yourself with all warranties and keep all paperwork. Replacing a roof is one of the most important and expensive decisions you will make about your homes quality and appearance, be smart, do your homework, and choose wisely.

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