Checking For Roof Problems Without The Ladder

attic_leakRoofs can be tricky, they may not look complicated but the science of properly routing water and protecting your home against the elements is more complex that it seems.

In cases of storm damage or say, a tree falling on a house, it doesn’t take an expert to know where and what the problem is. In other cases, that small wet spot on the ceiling could be from a small hole in the roof or could be the end of a long trail of water that snakes around your home wreaking havoc and running up the costs of repairs.

Could your roof be in need of repair and you not know it? It isn’t always so obvious. Scheduling a full inspection/estimate from a local roof contractor will answer this question but what can you look for before you call? Even without grabbing a ladder and going up on the roof itself, you can check for problems, and determine if a professional should be called.

Check the Attic:

If you are performing a preliminary self inspection on your roof, getting up into the attic and inspecting there can tell you a lot about the current state of your roof. Especially after weather events such as wind-driven rain and freezing, wet weather. Any leaks may indicate larger issues. If you see leaks after a rain storm or after ice forms in freezing weather, these could indicate a problem with inadequate underlayments or deteriorated flashing.

Your attic should be completely dry, even after heavy rains, if it’s not you may have a problem and should have a professional roof contractor immediately to track down the source before the problem worsens.

Interior/Exterior walls

Look for signs of blistering and/or peeling paint on the interior or exterior walls, poor attic ventilation can cause high humidity or even excessive temperatures that can cause damage not only to your roof but to structural elements such as walls.

Look for stains or mold/mildew growth on the interior walls and ceiling. Inadequate or faulty shingle underlayment can allow leakage or inadequate ventilation to occur, damaging ceilings and walls. Finding the source of problems like these is imperative to prevent further damage.

Outside Inspection, Without The Ladder

Now look at the roof itself (as much as you can see from the ground, getting on a roof is dangerous so we don’t recommend it) can you see missing, cracked or curled shingles? If you do, it’s likely your shingles have or will soon reach the end of their useful life and likely need to be replaced.

Do the singles look “dirty”? Black stains or streaks could be a sign of algae that can be cleaned or shingles that are old (loose granules fall off, revealing the dark color of the shingle). You may need to replace your shingles as the more damaged they become the less effective they are. A proper roof inspection will determine the problem.

Finally, look at your energy bills, do they seem excessive? Insufficient attic ventilation and other roofing problems cause your heating/cooling systems to run excessively, running up your bills.

If there is any question your roof may need to be repaired, especially if you’ve noticed any problems, call your local roof contractor as soon as you can. Most initial inspections and estimates are free and could save you thousands of dollars.

For more information, visit our “Do I Need A New Roof?” section for more information on signs you may need to replace your roof!

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