What YOU Can Do To Make Sure Your Roof Lasts

A roof isn’t something you can just “set and forget”. While proper installation is the cornerstone of a quality roof, without regular maintenance and prompt attention to problem areas, even a perfectly installed roof can fail.

Fortunately, especially when utilizing professionals. Roof maintenance is quite simple.

Keep your roof and gutters clear of debris

Sounds simple enough, but unfortunately isn’t a regular practice for many homeowners. Your roof has one job, redirect water from areas that can be damaged by it. Any interruption in flow, whether from leaves and sticks or holes, will allow water to pool in those areas, eventually damaging your home from your roof to it’s foundation.

If you find your roof is frequently cluttered, consider gutter covers and trimming back any tree limbs. Whatever you do, stay on top of it. Your roof, home, and wallet will thank you.

Have a roof contractor inspect your roof at least once a year

Many warranties require this, but even out of warranty, you should have a local roof contractor inspect your roof at least once a year.  A year is a long time and your roof feels the brunt of all kinds of weather throughout the year.

A professional roof inspection each year will catch those problems that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. It’s these unnoticed, neglected small problems that cause the majority of roof failures. Caught early, a small problem stays small.

That’s your roof maintenance plan. Follow these 2 tips and you increase the chances your roof not only lasts it’s full expected life, in many cases, it exceed it.



Keep your roof in shape for years to come. In Metro Atlanta, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 for your free estimate and roof maintenance plan today!



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