Beware of Unscrupulous Roofers!

scammy_roof_company-150x150This week we started noticing more and more of these “door hangers” popping up all over Metro Atlanta (pictured). Put out by a company supposedly based in North Carolina (but claims to be local to Atlanta) and “serving the entire southeast”, they appear to be offering a free roof to everyone. Visit the company’s website and they claim insurance companies are buying new, free roofs for anyone that have certain brands of shingles. Which is not true. Not in the sense they are framing it. It’s very misleading.

Obviously, the flyer alone should raise flags to anyone that receives it, but the unfortunate truth is, that some will take it at face value and possibly fall victim to unscrupulous practices. This is a good opportunity to point out how researching a roof contractor can help you avoid becoming a victim. Especially using Google, you will likely come up with a list of other , reputable companies so if the one you are researching doesn’t pan out, you have alternatives. Every major metropolitan area has multiple roofing contractors that are on the up and up and have been in business for a long time, there really is no reason to hire anyone you aren’t 100% sure of these days.

Use common sense, if they are offering free or “discounted roofs”, be wary, quality roofing materials aren’t cheap and neither is experienced labor. Too many people fall prey to these types of contractors only to pay for it later in increased costs and headaches .

Last year the BBB recorded over 10,000 Roofing Contractor complaints. Not all of these were outright scams, many were actual companies that provided sub-standard work. Most of these could have been avoided had the consumer known what to look out for. At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, we feel our best customer is an educated customer. Before you hire your next roofing contractor, do your homework, follow our suggestions below and feel confident that you know exactly who you are hiring.

Don’t get ripped off, especially when coming across fishy advertising, research your roof contractor and only hire local, established companies!

For more information on avoiding unscrupulous roofers see our page, Do Your Homework!

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