Avoid The Rush, Keep Your Roof In Check With Prompt Maintenance

emergencyrepairWhen a roof problem becomes apparent, it is important to have the issue taken care of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, roof contracting, as well as most construction or outside work, is weather dependent. What this means that is the weather dictates what can be done and when. In many cases, such as consistent rains or cold weather, work comes to a complete stop and cannot continue until the weather improves. This causes a backlog as roofing contractors must reschedule jobs based upon estimates of when the weather will clear up. As new calls arrive they are booked as received which inevitably causes the backlog to increase exponentially.

Even the largest contractors can get backlogged with repairs and new roof construction taking weeks to even begin, leaving the homeowner with a leaking roof or tarp as a temporary solution until a contractor can get there and perform proper repairs. Some unfortunate souls get too impatient during these times, and end up hiring a door to door storm chaser and end up being ripped off.

With the recent weather conditions here in Metro Atlanta, we are in one of those busy periods now, where, as of this writing, Atlanta Roofing Specialists are booking for the first & second weeks of February (3 weeks away) at the earliest for any jobs and actually must turn away some potential customers who need help now simply because it’s impossible to get to everyone when conditions such as these persist.

However, a lot of the calls received during these periods aren’t new problems. Many homeowners notice signs of leaks early on and put them off thinking “it’s not that big of a leak” or “it just started so I have time”, unfortunately, what was deemed as an inconsequential annoyance turns into a major problem with the next round of harsh weather. These homeowners not only have to deal with what is becoming a major problem, they now have to wait to have it repaired properly, possibly causing even more damage and headaches in the meantime!

While tarps and other temporary solutions will help, they will protect very little should another strong storm come before the contractor can get out there to repair the roof properly. It’s better to tackle the problem when it arises but if circumstances prevent immediate repair for whatever reason, the temporary repairs are necessary.

Not all problems are due to neglect or procrastination, sometimes, leaks aren’t apparent until storms or sustained rains occur or your home was damaged by the storm and you’re only choice is to wait until your contractor can repair it properly. The good news is, in a lot of cases, a new leak could be a minor problem and implementing a temporary solution can protect it until it is repaired, as it could be relatively new and hasn’t had time to wreak too much havoc. As long as it’s caught early enough a leak can usually be stopped before it causes much larger problems.

This is why it is best to take care of the problem immediately after it is discovered. Having your roof regularly inspected by a reputable contractor is the best way to avoid small leaks becoming large headaches.

Atlanta Roofing Specialists offers full service roofing solutions for every roof. While we are also beholden to the weather and periods of extreme demand we will get to you as soon as we possibly can but if we can’t get to you quick enough, please do your homework and be sure you hire someone that will do the job properly the first time! This is the time the scammers make their money, don’t become a statistic!

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