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Avoiding The Headache Of Hiring A Bad Roof Contractor

Bad roofing jobs aren’t always done by the scammers, many times poor roofing installs are done by people with good intentions but for whatever reason, were not capable of doing the job properly. Whether it’s an inexperienced roofer who thinks they can perform the same level of service without a crew and support staff or the long-time roof contractor who undercuts the competition by using cheap material and labor, finding a good roof contractor is a crap-shoot without proper research.

A Good Roof Contractor Has The Resources They Need

Roof Contractor margin’s are typically razor thin, especially with companies that pay not only their roofers but sales staff, customer service, IT staff, not to mention office costs. These extra costs aren’t there for looks, these days to be a successful roof contractor you need to be sure you have the infrastructure in place to not only take care of your present customers but your previous and future ones as well.  Without dedicated staff throughout the process things are left out, corners are cut, or worse, the customer gets no support at all when the job is done.

Without Proper Resources, Corners Must Be Cut To Maintain Profits

No one likes to pay for the same thing twice, especially if the costs are doubled or even tripled because of the poor work of an unknown roofer. But that’s what happens everyday homeowners go the “cheaper” route. Roof contractors without the resources they need often go out of business quickly, leaving all the homeowners they serviced holding the bag when it becomes apparent they didn’t get what they paid for.

Of course, this isn’t saying all small roofing companies are bad, not at all, this is how Atlanta Roofing Specialists started but there are plenty who simply shouldn’t be in this business. If you prefer to go with a small roof contractor, do your homework and be sure they know what they are doing and can backup any warranties.

Avoid scammers and bad roofers by doing the following:

1. Use a reputable, local roof contractor

  • Use Google using your local city or county as part of the keyword (i.e. Marietta Roof Contractor, Douglasville Roof Contractor, etc)
  • Check Google or Angie’s list,, Yelp, and any other site that accepts reviews and ensure their customers are in your area.
  • Look for local area codes (in Metro Atlanta: 770, 678, 404, 470)
  • Check the Roofer and Sheet metal Contractors Association of GA (404) 766-1631 to verify.
  • Call all local references provided by the roofer in addition to reading online reviews. 

2. Use roof contractors not companies offering roofing as a side income

  • Use a company that specializes in roofing not a construction company or a retail business
  • If the owner of a construction company has never personally installed a roof, how does he know if the installer is doing it properly?
  • Make sure the company you use is qualified to do the job.
  • Make sure they have both general liability and worker’s comp. Ask for a certificate!
  • The insurance certificate should have the correct billing address, make sure it’s local.
  • Call 10 – 20 referrals (Great contractors have a list of hundreds at the ready at any time)


  • Nail guns are good for framing (with wood) but not for a fiberglass shingle!
  • Nail guns shoot nails through the shingles or not in deep enough leaving nails sticking up.This is the biggest reason for roof failure today!
  • Hand nailing is the only way to assure consistent quality.

4. No “toe-boards”!

  • Toe-boards” are boards that are nailed through the shingles on steep roofs so installers can work without sliding off.
  • When removed they leave holes in your new roof!
  • The correct way is to use toe-board brackets (fastened under the shingles) or ropes and harnesses.

5. Use a company that has a REAL warranty

  • How can you trust a company that offers a five or ten year warranty but has only been in business for a year or two?
  • What about these “storm chasers” from out of state? Will they be here if you have a problem later? The answer is NO! When the next storm hits somewhere else they will be there!

6. Always get a second opinion

  • It is inappropriate and even unethical for your insurance company/adjuster to try to influence your decision on who to use to repair your storm damage.
  • Just because a contractor shows up with your adjuster or even for the insurance company, does not mean you have to use that contractor. You have the right to use whomever you feel comfortable with to work on your home. Don’t sign anything!
  • Always get more than one estimate. This could save you and/or your insurance company thousands of dollars. It is very common for “storm chasers” to overcharge (up to 25-30 percent). That’s why they want to deal directly with your insurance company, so you won’t even know!

Everyone wants to save money and get what they pay for, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true today as it has for centuries.

Is roofing expensive, yes, in many cases it can be very expensive, but it’s cheaper to have it done right the first time than doing it twice only to pay the cheap roofer AND more expensive contractor anyhow.

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