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How To Avoid Common Roof Problems

Nothing is perfect, roofs are no exception, even the most expensive roofs with top-of-the-line materials can have problems. Whether it’s from poor installation, substandard materials or if a storm or other outside influence causes damage, chances are you will experience at least one roof problem in your lifetime.

Keeping your roof in shape is crucial to the integrity of your home. Knowing what the most common problems are can help you to keep an eye out to catch a minor problem quickly before it turns into a major headache.

Poor Installation

Poor or faulty installation is one of the most common problems, usually the result of hiring cheap or the first person you find. Whether it’s from incompetence or cutting corners, a poor roof installation can have devastating effects. In many cases, poorly installed roofs must be replaced within just a few years, and too often, we find the original roofers have gone out of business and can’t honor any warranty, leaving the full cost of replacement to the homeowner. Be sure you know who you are hiring and do your homework before you sign!

Neglect or Improper Roof Maintenance

Preventable roof maintenance is crucial to a well functioning, long lasting roof. When neglected or improperly maintained, debris or outside damage can disrupt the way your roof routes water away from your home. This results in pooling and ponding of water that can cause great damage, especially if allowed to grow.

Proper maintenance and inspections solve this by keeping the roof clear of debris and preventing minor repairs from becoming major headaches when noticed and addressed promptly.

Overhanging Tree Limbs

Large trees with limbs that hover over your roof is a disaster waiting to happen. Whether it’s from the onslaught of debris and leaves throughout the year or if the limbs break and smash into your roof during a storm, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Remove all tree limbs and anything that could damage your roof.

Animal Infestation

Rats, mice, squirrels, opossums, birds, we have plenty of critters in the South and they love getting into your attic. Once in your attic they can cause all kind of damage, aside from that, who really wants critters running around loose in their home? They cause plenty of damage and roofs aren’t exempt. If there are critters in your attic, get rid of them, pronto!

Poorly Installed Flashing

There are a lot of roofers out there that can install a roof without too many problems but the less experienced ones neglect a whole lot of “little” stuff. It’s this “little” stuff that grows larger as time goes on.

One of these “little” things is proper flashing installation. Flashing seals areas like pipes and chimneys and must be installed precisely to be effective.

For whatever reason though, many roofers have a problem installing flashing properly and as a result, we end up fielding dozens of calls on leaky “new” roofs where the culprit is almost always poorly installed flashing or improper ventilation.

While these are the most common problems we see everyday, they are just a few. If you think you have a roof problem listed or not listed here or you haven’t had a roof inspection in a while, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today! In Metro Atlanta, call (770) 419-2222 for your no-obligation estimate today!

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