How Asphalt Shingles Have Improved In The Past Few Decades

As Atlanta Roofing Specialists celebrates 25 years in Metro Atlanta, it’s a good time to reflect on the many improvements in the roofing industry and how it affects you.

To most people, it probably looks like the roofing industry doesn’t progress very often. After all, the most popular roof type, asphalt shingles, are still the “simple” material they were in 1993, right? Wrong.

The fact is, much has changed over the years, especially with asphalt shingles.

Like Computers, Asphalt Shingle Technology Has Advanced Greatly

When you think of the term “technology” you probably think of computers, cell phones, and other electronics but technology actually refers to the application of scientific knowledge to anything for practical purposes, especially industry and the technological improvements in the roofing industry is nothing short of astonishing.

Back in the day, homeowners didn’t have many choices when it came to choosing asphalt shingles. It was mostly organic 3-tab shingles, your color choices were limited (mostly shades of grey to black) and they didn’t last as long,  They also didn’t include many of the things we take for granted today.

Now we have fiberglass shingles that are slowly replacing the old organic shingles and with more and more improvements every year. especially with Architectural and Premium shingles, the new technologies will likely surpass the older organic shingles roofs sooner rather than later.

Manufacturing advancements have made asphalt shingles one of the most diverse product lines around.

Today, even most of the “basic” 3-tab shingles available include once-premium options like algae-resistant granules and special UV stabilizers. While Architectural and Premium shingles  provide even more wind resistance and quality ingredients.

Manufacturing methods have not only improved longevity and quality but also design, shape and color. You can now choose between any number of shingles with different colors, shapes to match your homes design and even special designs that don’t even look like shingles.

We didn’t have the choices we do now when Atlanta Roofing Specialists incorporated in 1993, but thanks to technology and good old fashioned hard work, today’s asphalt shingle roofs can last for decades and remain beautiful for years to come!

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