Why Asphalt Shingle Roofs Are So Popular In America

These days there are a lot of choices when it comes to roofing materials. From custom metal to fancy clay tiles and slate, there’s no shortage of options when it comes time to replace your roof. Yet year after year, asphalt shingles outsells them all.

Asphalt shingles the most popular roof material in America, but why?

Cost Effectiveness

High end materials like slate and metal are tough and can last for many decades but with high quality comes higher prices. Asphalt shingles are comparatively inexpensive and with proper installation, materials and regular maintenance can last for decades! Making asphalt shingles more cost-effective for many homeowners on a budget.

Options, Options, & More Options

Gone are the days of dull color options and designs. Modern asphalt shingles come in almost every color in the spectrum, and with imaginative designs you can give your home fantastic curb appeal! You can even get custom shingles that look like the expensive stuff without the expensive price!

Flexibility & Compatibility

Asphalt shingles can go on just about any type home or building. From large houses to smaller cabins, asphalt shingles are compatible with just about any home type and will look great no matter the design or shape!

Energy Efficient & Recylable

With quality asphalt shingles and proper installation, replacing your old roof will increase your energy efficiency. Even better, most asphalt shingles are recyclable, so while you’re saving energy, ask your roof contractor if your shingles can be recycled. If so , ask your roof contractor if they will take your old shingles to be recycled rather than dumped.

Find asphalt shingle recycler in your area at www.shinglerecycling.org/

 Increase Your Homes Value

As least expensive of roof materials, a new asphalt shingle roof is a great way to increase your homes value while providing better protection and security without breaking the bank. With home values going up and down with the market, a new shingle roof is a good way of adding value regardless of the economy.

It isn’t any more complicated than that! Lower costs, energy efficient, tons of variety and making your home more secure even on a budget, there’s nothing like asphalt shingles.

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