Service Overview

We have highly experienced Carpenters/Siding Installers/Painters and our team is ready to work with you on your next project!

We offer:

  • Replacement of rotten exterior woodwork with Hardie Fiber cement / ARS is a Certified Hardie Installer
  • Replacement of rotted window/door trim in PVC
  • Deck Repairs/New Decks
  • Siding Replacement/Siding Repairs
  • Interior Damage Repairs/ Interior Painting
  • Building of Backside Patios/Screened In Patios
  • Storm Damage Restorations

Atlanta Roofing Specialists is proud to introduce our construction division.  A trusted name in Atlanta since 1993 is now able to assist you with most of your remodeling and home repair projects

Carpentry/Construction Gallery

See more pictures of our carpentry, construction, siding, painting and other work!