Alternative Roof Types

Dutch Hip Roof
A couple of days ago we published a post addressing some of the more common roof types to choose from if you are in the market for a new roof or just want to change the look of your existing roof to a new style. Today, we bring you a few “alternative” roof types that are available if the more common types don’t suit you.

Shed Roof

A shed roof is similar to flat roofs but has much more pitch. It used mainly doe additions to existing astructures or in combination with other styles. Like flat roofs, it is a “built-up roof” or layered roof consisting of layers of roofing, felt, and tar topped with gravel is generally required unless the roof has a pitch of over 3:12 (3 fee of rise for every 12 feet of run).

Dutch Hip Roof

The Dutch hip is similar to traditional hip roofs with the exception of what look like a gable on top which provides for increased ventilation.

Of course there are other types such as “Green” roofs and Solar Panels, we will get to those in a future post. For further questions regarding alternative roofing feel free to contact us!

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