90% Of American Homes Aren’t Properly Ventilated. Is Yours?

Roof ventilation is probably one of the more misunderstood aspects of your home. Ventilation isn’t rocket science, when you ventilate something you are simply using some method to keep fresh air circulating in an area. Turn on a fan, you’re ventilating! Open a door, you’re ventilating! Open all your windows on a nice day, you’re ventilating! You get the idea. While ventilation itself isn’t complicated, proper home ventilation can be.

Ventilation isn’t just keeping a home filled with fresh air, properly ventilated homes actually reduce moisture build up that can cause damage and leaks as well. In fact, we have seen many roof problems where the sole cause was improper ventilation, not weather, not external force, just improper ventilation.

Improperly ventilated homes are unfortunately extremely common. Back “in the day”, proper ventilation was something most home builders weren’t aware of and as a result, The American Institute of Architects estimates that as many as 90% of US homes have unacceptably high levels of moisture due to improper ventilation.

Improper ventilation can and often does cause many problems such as mold, condensation, and rot which ends up not only costing you money in increased utility bills but also a shorter roof life span and even voiding of warranties.

All is not lost however, as solutions exist for every situation, even if your home is older and has no ventilation at all, help is just a phone call or click away!

New technologies have been developed in the last decade that allow roofing contractors to correct years of ignorance about ventilation techniques. Atlanta Roofing Specialists are experts in ventilation. Whether it’s roof, attic, or individual rooms, we have a solution to your ventilation problem.

Knowing what to look for and properly evaluate your home for potential ventilation problems is something best left to the experts. Fortunately, Atlanta Roofing Specialists offers free estimates, if you suspect you may have a problem with ventilation or any other problem with your home (not just roofs!) call Atlanta Roofing at 770-419-2222 today!

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