8 Warning Signs To Watch For Before Hiring A Roof Contractor

scammy_roof_company-150x150Roof work is rarely inexpensive. When it’s time for a new roof or roof repairs, hiring a reputable contractor that you can count on can take time and effort to find.

The roofing industry in any major city is rife with one man operations, under-qualified roofers, and even outright scams. While you may not have the time to do a full investigation on every roofer you consider it’s a good idea to “Do Your Homework” and know who you are hiring.

Even if you don’t have time to do full research on your roof contractor, there are some definitive warnings signs that should give you pause should the roof contractor you are considering exhibit them:

  1. Accepts cash only.
  2. Gives you an estimate much lower than anyone else.
  3. Can provide only a few or no referrals or recommendations.
  4. Refuses to sign a written contract
  5. Claims permits aren’t needed and/or will not provide evidence of permits
  6. Utilizes high-pressure tactics (one day only)/ is pushy to get something from you today
  7. Requires most or all money up-front
  8. Makes ridiculous claims like “free roof” or other outlandish claims

Any roof contractor exhibiting these signs should be reconsidered.  The industry has it’s undesirables, sure, but there are enough legitimate, experienced roof contractors out there you should never settle or take chances on those who raise red flags.

For more information on checking out your next roof contractor see “Do Your Homework!”.

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