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5 Things To Know If You’re Selling Your Home This Year

Selling your home is no easy task, but in today’s home market, you should be prepared for a decent sized demand. Like any kind of sales, it’s a numbers game. The more potential buyers you can get to look at your home, the better the chances of it selling at or near the price you want.

If you’ve hired a Realtor to help, they will help you with all the little things you need to do to sell as quick as possible, but if you haven’t yet or are selling on your own, we’ve compiled as small list of things you should know to help you sell your home as quick as possible and get the most you can.

1) Curb Appeal

Within a minute of arriving at a home, a potential buyer will make the decision if they wish to consider it or not. This is why the outside appears of the home, landscaping, and design is so important. You don’t want to turn off a buyer with a house with peeling paint or even an unmowed lawn.

Take the time to make your home look great from the outside. Trim the trees, mow the lawn, pressure wash the driveway, front walk and patio. Clean the windows and doors so they sparkle and be sure to eliminate any lingering odors!

2) Have As Little Stuff Inside As Possible

Go through the house and eliminate clutter and reduce the amount of stuff that is visible to the buyer. This will not only make rooms and closets look larger but also makes the house look better! If you have kids or pets, get the carpets cleaned and get rid of anything like drapes that makes the place smell bad.

3) Do Repairs Before An Inspection

If you know that a home inspector is going to find problems, go ahead and get them fixed right away. If you haven’t kept up with maintenance, hiring a home inspector and even getting a roof contractor to inspect your roof before you put the house up for sale is a good idea so you know what you need to get fixed before a buyer brings it up.

You can save money on these repairs by having it done beforehand as buyers may end up asking you to spend hundreds more on something you could’ve gotten fixed for less had you done it before.

4) Don’t Be Greedy When Pricing Your Home

With the internet, buyers have become increasing savvy when it comes to house shopping. Pricing your home too low and they will think something is wrong, too high and you’ll have to lower your price which will hurt you more than if you priced it correctly the first time.

Overpriced homes stay on the market for 3 -6 months longer than properly priced homes and are difficult to sell.

Finding out what comparable homes around you sold for will help you set a reasonable price and avoid the problem of a cautious appraiser appraising your home for less than your asking price and raising questions with the buyer.

5) Hire A Great Marketer

Most home buyers are searching online for their next home and so hiring a Realtor who will take professional photos, virtual tours, professional descriptions, and making it widely available through multiple websites will make your home sell faster and closer to your asking price.

Research your Realtor and ensure they are utilizing the internet as much as possible to sell your home. Buyers are using mobile phones and tablets in addition to computers to find their home so be sure your Realtor uses all of these clearly and easily.

You can even do some of your own marketing in addition to the Realtor via social media, homeowners association and company newsletters to help the process further.

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