5 Things You Should Know When Buying A New Roof

Grand Manor - stonegate gray (2)There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a new roof. Natural materials that are available today, like slate and wood to man-made products such as asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers present a wider array of choices to homeowners than in years past.

Each roofing material has it’s advantages and disadvantages and all can add a distinctive design element to your home. But what is best for you?

Here are 5 things to know when choosing a  new roof for your home:

1) How long will it last and what kind of warranty does it have?

With roofing materials you get what you pay for. How long your roof will last and how good the warranty is, will be determined on the materials used and the workmanship of the roof contractor.

Putting the extra money into quality materials and a highly skilled and knowledgeable roof contractor now could save you from having to replace your roof again in 10 or 15 years.

2) How will it hold up during extreme weather such as hail storms and tornadoes?

Here in the South we are subject to extreme variations in weather. It could be clear and warm one day and stormy and cold the next. If there is one thing you can count on is you are going to be hit by a storm sooner or later. The question is, how well will your roof fare? If you hired the right roof contractor and didn’t go the cheap route, you’re probably ok. If you’re unsure, a roof inspection will reveal any weaknesses.

The best roof contractors understand the climate and weather patterns of the areas they serve. During your estimate, they will take into account these factors and offer solutions to ensure your roof stands firm.

3) Does the roof have enough slope?

Slopes help route water away from your roof averting damage and other problems, it also matters how much slope your roof has to determine walkability and how proportional it is to the rest of your home. Calculating slopes is best done by a professional, if your slope is in question ask your contractor.

4) How will the roof complement the rest of the house?

Your roof isn’t just for protection anymore. These days with the number of materials, styles, and colors you can make your roof just as beautiful as the rest of your home.

When choosing a new roof, check out the rest of your home and see how the materials and color mesh with the existing architecture and be sure you are clear on how the final product will look to be sure you get what you want.

5) How much does it cost?

The question on everyone’s mind when replacing or buying a new roof. It’s not gonna be cheap. As with many things, roofing is very much a “you get what you pay for” type of investment. While skimping on materials and hiring someone less than professional may seem great when your saving thousands today, often these types of roofs end up costing much more over the years in maintenance, repairs, and even replacement costs.

Don’t kid yourself, even a roof with top quality materials can be undermined by shoddy workmanship. This is the reason why material warranties mandate specific installation instructions. A roof is only as good as it’s installer.  Don’t be that person, do your homework, buy quality materials and get what you pay for.

Answering these questions and consulting with a local roofing company (such as Atlanta Roofing Specialists), will help you determine what the best material and design is for your specific project. Get the ball rolling towards that new roof you always wanted! If you need help with these questions or are ready to get your new roof now, call us today at 770-419-2222!

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