5 Reasons Why Replacing Your Roof Should Be A Happy Occasion!

Roofs aren’t something people get excited about too often. When it’s time to get a new roof, many homeowners have no other choice and as a result, aren’t too happy about having to put out money for a whole new roof.

The good news is, while it may sting the ol’ wallet in the short term, there are many benefits a new roof brings that should make getting a new roof a reason to celebrate!

1) Energy Savings

Regardless of the reason why the roof is being replaced, one of the immediate benefits of a quality roof installed by professional roof contractors is energy savings.

Ventilation has only recently become known as a major factor in energy savings and roof problems with an estimated 90% of American homes having been built with improper ventilation. When installing a new roof, your roof contractor will be able to examine and correct any ventilation issues that may have been costing you money resulting in noticeable energy savings year after year.

2) Insurance Savings

Insurance rates vary from home to home and your roof plays a large part of it. Older roofs, if they are covered at all, are often only covered up to it’s current worth, which in most cases isn’t much at all and no where near enough to replace it.

With a new roof you not only get the added benefit of having a properly insured home (insured for replacement costs rather than estimated worth) but your rates are quite likely to be lower due to the long life most new roofs have.

3) Maintenance Savings

The costs of maintaining a new roof is much lower than the constant patching and repairs on an older roof. With a new roof, keeping the gutters and roof itself clear of debris is enough to keep it in shape for years. Barring damage from outside forces, once a year maintenance and inspections should keep your roof in tip top shape throughout it’s life!

4) Increase To Your Homes Value

Obviously the condition of your roof affects your homes value. When assessing a homes value, if a roof is nearing the end of it’s lifetime, you have to take into account not only the current value of the roof but the costs to replace it, which can drive down the estimated value by thousands even tens of thousands of dollars.

5) Piece Of Mind (Sanity Savings)

Coming to the decision that you must replace your roof can be a stressing time. Once it’s done though, having the piece of mind that you no longer have to worry about your roof for many years can be the greatest benefit of them all.

So when it’s time to replace your roof, don’t fret the money, you’re getting a new roof!

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