5 Metal Roof Myth’s Busted!

Let’s take some time and dispel some myths regarding metal roofs. A lot of people hear “metal roof” and think of some old shack in the mountains with a tin roof (rusted!). Metal roofs actually have some advantages to them that should be seriously considered when deciding on a roof and contrary to some myths isn’t just for shacks anymore!

1) Myth: Having a metal roof attracts lightning, increasing your homes’ chance of being struck.

This is false, it is no more likely to be stuck than other materials, even if it were true, a metal roof is the ideal material to have if stuck, primarily because it is non-combustible, so your roof won’t catch fire, plus the electric current would be spread though a larger area than wood or shingles.

2) Myth: When it rains, metal roofs can be really loud!

Of course, you are probably thinking of old tin roofs on shacks and barns where it sounds like a battlefield when it rains. Metal roofing is actually installed over a base of solid sheathing or plywood or even over an existing roof. This makes is as quiet as (and in a lot of cases, quieter than) other roof types such as shingles.

3) Myth: Metals roofs rust!

Metal roofs have been around for a long, long time (Fun Fact: Metal roofs can be traced back as far as 970 B.C, to the temple in Jerusalem which was constructed with a copper roof!). In that time, manufacturers have taken into account metal’s natural propensity to rust. Modern steel metal roofing has a coating made of either zinc or aluminum or a combination of both. This prevents rust from forming and is bonded to the metal at the factory. This is then painted, to provide long-lasting color.

4) Myth: I live in Georgia, we get a lot of storms with hail and high winds, metal roofs dent easily!

Again, metal roofs have been around a long time, manufacturers have devised metal roofing materials that, in most cases, is built to withstand decades of abuse from the elements. Even high winds are no match for some of these roofs. It’s not unusual to see a metal roof with no damage next to a house with a shingle roof that has been destroyed by a particularly strong storm.

5) Myth: Metal roofs are just plain ugly

Not necessarily true. Today’s metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colors. See our Metal Roof Gallery and see how beautiful metal roofs can be!

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