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4 Tips To Keep Your Roof In It’s Best Shape Now & For Years To Come

Falling leaves, rain and wind, swinging temperature changes, weather this time of year can really test your roofs limits. While your roof is designed to withstand most weather it is NOT something you can “set and forget” like most things in life, if you want your roof to last you must take constant care of it.

Material and installation quality are major factors in how long a roof lasts, but after the installation, it falls to the homeowner to ensure proper maintenance is performed all year round to keep the roof in it’s best shape.

It’s not rocket science, with these 4 tips, your roof can be in it’s best shape for the coming fall and last even beyond it’s expected life:

Keep those gutters clean

gutter covers

With all the leaves falling this should be your first concern as accumulated leaves can clog your gutters allowing rainwater to collect and backup through your shingles causing major damage including roof rot and mold.

Gutter covers are a great option for those who cannot clean their gutters often enough but keep in mind a lot of these can get clogged too so keep and eye out for any signs!

Trim any overhanging limbs from trees

Branches produces leaves and can break off and cause damage to your roof. To help keep your roof clean of debris, attack it at the source. Fall is coming and is a great time to trim those branches back while the weather is cool and storms are infrequent.

Have Your Roof Inspected Yearly

Getting up onto the roof without proper equipment can be a dangerous endeavor so we don’t recommend it for most homeowners. You can check out as much as you can from the ground, but we recommend a professional roof contractor for anything that requires going onto the roof itself. This includes yearly inspections.

For homeowners, it is recommended to get a professional inspection at least once a year. This not only provides you with paperwork to prove you keep up with maintenance during an insurance or warranty claim (as it is often required in many policies), a professional roof contractor knows what to look for and can catch problems other inspectors (such as general home inspectors) may not catch. Professional inspections are normally free so there really isn’t a good reason not to have them.

Address Any Suspected Problem Immediately

Ceiling Stain Mold
Definitely warrants an inspection

No matter how small or insignificant it may be! Roof inspections for damage are mainly free for homeowners, so if you notice a darkening on your ceiling or faint streaks on your walls call your roof contractor immediately! Don’t ignore them! Damage from small roof leaks often take time to grow before they show damage on the inside of your home. Don’t let a small leak turn into a major disaster!

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